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BonoLoto, here is a great and little known lotto draw from Spain, whilst some of our reader might have come across La Primitiva or El Gordo lotto’s from Spain, the most popular Spanish lottery draw is without doubt BonoLoto. With odds at 1/13,983,816 BonoLoto is without a doubt one of the best odds lotteries to play in fact its odds are the same as the UK’s famous UK lotto which is no surprise as they use the exact same system to draw balls and decide the winners. The prize fund starts out at €400.000, and in the tradition of the Euro lotto’s, when the prize money is unclaimed it rolls over to the next draw stacking up to a jackpot maximum of €33,000,000 which is pretty good but not the highest of the represented Lotto’s in our selection. But we would say to you risk to reward this is a very decent lotto to play as the odds are good and depending on the exchange rate it can certainly edge out the UK Lotto so its a good alternative if you like that lotto but fancy something different. Draws take place every Friday with BonoLoto numbers posted online after the draw.


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BonoLotto NumbersWe have mentioned above BonoLoto uses the standard 6 balls 1-49 number range system as used by many lotto’s world wide.

What you might not believe is when we tell you that BonoLoto and the other Spanish lotto’s, was that before online play came, along people from neighboring European country’s used to take Lotto vacations to enable them to play these lotteries whilst on holiday.

Nowadays you don’t need to take a vacation to take part in BonoLoto or any other lotto as you can now simply play online with one of our vendors. It’s easy safe and there is no paperwork to worry about.

For a recommendation as to where to get a free play with BonoLoto it is a more unusual draw and as such not all of our vendors have tickets, but you will find it available at TheLotter and you can use their fabulous free line offer on this or any other draw.

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