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EuroJackpot is another great lotto from Europe, like its sibling EuroMillions its another multi national lotto it is possible even more famous party due to having decent odds. the odds for Eurojackpot are roughly half that of EuroMillions at 1/59,323,280 you have double the chance to win big prize. The jackpot starts at a pretty reasonable €10,000,000 this of course can rise through the weekly rollovers should the prize go unclaimed up to the maximum payout of €90,000,000 all in all making it one of the better lotteries all round and a great lottery to participate in online. Eurojackpot is played every Friday evening lines cost €2,00. EuroJackpot Numbers will be posted after the draw.


Play EuroJackpot Online:

EuroJackpot NumbersThe System in play for EuroJackpot is pretty standard fare, the player selects five balls from a 1-50 range and then 2 bonus balls from a 1-8 range.

The second bonus balls really come into play when deciding the lower consolation prizes which are again pretty good for this type of lotto. With any lottery the best way to play it is online. You can play multiple lotteries from other countries safe and secure and happy you do not need to remember where you placed that winning ticket should your numbers come in.

As always we would recommend you to try this lotto out online now we have a few recommended agents in our vendor section that support this lottery draw.

Our advice however would be to try Lottoland if you are a new player as they have a buy one line free offer which gives you a zero risk opportunity to try your luck today.

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