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Starting way back in 1994, by promoters Camelot who are famed for their involvement in the UK National lottery or UK Lotto draw, consisting of a team of organizers from three nations, inclusive of both the French lotto and Spain’s illustrious La Primitiva, they created a new super lotto named EuroMillions. The first of a new breed of international super lotto’s. With it’s first draw taking place on Friday 13th February 2004. With a cash prize of €15,000,000 Euros. Jackpots average 15 Millions. But as is normally the case with European lotto’s if the prize draw is not won,  it gets added to the following weeks draw. In the lottery world this is called a rollover. Because of these rollovers jackpots can reach a staggering €183 Million Euros. Making EuroMillions a great lottery to play online.

Check out the EuroMillions Numbers from the latest draw and find out if you belong to the group of lucky winners:

Playing EuroMillions Online

EuroMillions NumbersFirstly the EuroMillions lottery uses a very straight forward system players select 5 main numbers ranging from 1-50, the player also selects 2 lucky stars also ranging from 1-11 these come into play for the bonus prize tiers.

Draws take place Tuesday and Saturday at 9.00 pm Paris time, EuroMillions Numbers will be posted online after the draw.  

Now there are many advantages to playing lotteries online, not least of which being the amount of selection available, you are able to choose from the highest paying draws MegaMillions, Powerball or the best odds Irish lotto, or jackpots like this one EuroMillions which is right in the middle.

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