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Started way back in 1988 by the Irish government as an incentivized scheme to generate monies for local government projects. The Ireland Lotto is one of our favorites here at winning lottery numbers for a couple of great reasons not least off all being it has the best odds to win of any lotto draw worldwide at 1/8,145,000 it is the best lottery odds to win and still has a pretty reasonable jackpot starting at €2 million and can reach €18,963,441 which is the record jackpot attained back in 2009. So all in all the Ireland national lotto is a great risk vs return lotto with roughly a 42 percent higher probability of a win when compared to say the UK national lotto and other lotto draws. Draws take place every Friday night Ireland lotto Numbers will be online after each draw.

Play Ireland Lotto Online:

Ireland Lotto NumbersPlaying Ireland lotto is very easy with 6 balls with a range of 1-45 the range is lower than a majority of lotto’s. This is why the odds for this lotto are so good. 

If you have been reading about the other lotto’s on the site you will know that we at winning lottery numbers are great believers in playing Lotto with an online vendor.

We have our reasons to share which would include being able to choose from the best lotto’s for there odds or prize draws. Convenience of just signing up and playing without having to worry about the mundane hassles as the paperwork and checking the numbers etc. It really is just as easy as shopping online.

Which brings us neatly too our recommendations, we always like to have a way for you to play for free if at all possible and for Ireland lotto there are a couple of possibilities but our pic would go to CongaLotto there offer is a 100 percent money back offer which is well worth a look for this lotto.

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