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The biggest USA lottery Mega Millions along with it’s brother Powerball which is also a great lotto. MegaMillions has maintained it’s popularity for a long time. Originally starting it’s first draw way back in over the years it has had many record payouts. MegaMillions’ starting jackpot is $15,000,000. Its personal best hit was $656 million back in March of 2012, also MegaMillions has the record for the highest jackpot of 2013, a staggering $648 million. It is the most popular lottery worldwide and this for several very good reasons: MegaMillions is not only got the biggest jackpot in the world, also in relation to it’s costs and odds it is a pretty attractive bet more than attrative. If you are buying a ticket online one line for MegaMillions costs are 2,50$ each. The odds for winning the jackpot are 1 : 175.711.538.

Check out the MegaMillions Numbers from the latest draw and find out if you belong to the group of lucky winners:

Playing MegaMillions Online:

Mega Millions NumbersFirstly right off the bat I would like to mention that to play MegaMillions, Powerball, or any of the other many really superb lotto draws from around the world one needs to use an online agent. We have several good ones on our site.

The benefits of using such an agent are many firstly and possibly most obvious is the availability and choice of lotteries. Secondly its very convenient and easy, much like making any purchase online, with email confirmations everything is safe and secure and last there are no issues or worries of loosing a ticket. To Play its pretty easy select five main numbers (1-75) and a Mega Ball (1-15) for each line. Then choose your Mega Millions number manually, or with a quick pick randomizer. For more tips on lottery strategy and how to select numbers see our strategy guide.

Where to play? All of our brokers support MegaMillions but for a great free line offer you can play your MegaMillions numbers with Lottoland who have a great introductory offer for first time players on four of there supported lotto’s inclusive of MegaMillions. MegaMillions games take place every Tuesday & Friday MegaMillions numbers will be posted after the draw.

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