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You can’t go very far in the world of lottery before you came to Oz Lotto. Starting by Tattersalls and LotteryWest back in 1994 as part of a series of national lotto draws Oz lotto was known as the Tuesday lotto due to that being the time it took place, each of the lottos for each day had a slightly different system but what soon became apparent was that the Tuesday lotto was the most popular and this lead to it being branded Oz Lotto. Now whats great about it I hear you ask, a couple of things are very good about this lotto fistly the odds are very decent for the size of the prize draw at 1/45,379,620 this is pretty much the middle of the pack as far as odds go but this comes with a prize fund that averages $30,000,000. In fact on a couple of occasions the Oz Lotto has reached as high as $106,000,000 the highest every jackpot for the Oz Lotto has been $112,000,000 which is of course the biggest recorded jackpot in Australia but also one of the better jackpots in the world. All in all Oz lotto is another fabulous lotto that you should get online to play. Draws take place every Tuesday night with Oz Lotto Numbers posted after the draw.


Play Australian Oz Lotto Online:

Australian Oz Lotto NumbersOut of our online vendors three support Oz Lotto and are able to procure tickets for you for this fabulous lotto.

As we always mention when playing lottery online with an Agent is the way forward, there are many reasons for this but firstly its very easy to purchase tickets with no security concerns, also for us at least here at winning lottery numbers, you don’t have to worry about loosing that ticket as the paperwork is all e-mailed.

Also if your numbers come in you will be emailed so you can buy a ticket forget about it and should your numbers come up its very easy to collect usually by direct bank transfer.

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