Play UK National Lottery free

Play UK National Lottery Free

The UK National Lottery is without a doubt the most famous of the UK lotto draws, beginning in 1994 and organized by Camelot who also have a lot of involvement with EuroMillions. A couple of things that are worth mentioning about the UK Lotto firstly it’s got pretty average odds to win at 1 : 13,983,816 (standard for a 6 ball 1-49 lotto) this puts it firmly in the middle of the range of lotto’s to play. Winning jackpots figures are pretty much in the middle of the range as well averaging 5 Million GPB to 20,000,000 GPB due to a rollover cap which must be considered when selecting either this lotto or perhaps through a vendor maybe going outside of the box with a different lotto. The exchange rate is also worth noting though as the pound can be quite a strong currency and many of the prize draws are tax free, which believe me can make a huge difference.

Play UK National Lottery Free

Now one of the best things you can do as a lotto player is diversify and get online. There are many solid reasons for this not least of which would be the choice of lottos available to play once you get to one of the many great vendors. Second thing to note is it’s a very easy and painless experience with the safe secure websites you log in you choose our numbers and checkout much like any other online shopping experience. The vendor usually emails you should your numbers come in.

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