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California’s SuperLottoPlus, originally beginning back in 1984 as just SuperLotto, it’s one of the more popular lottery draws launched as part of the State run lotto program and one of the more popular draws net to the Florida lotto. Starting at a reasonable $7,000,000 there is of course the usual rollover system in place which can build, the all time record jackpot for SuperLottoPlus is $193,000,000. Draws are thrice weekly so its a great lotto to chase the rollovers as once they start rolling over they can build very quickly indeed. These facts coupled with the odds which are a pretty respectable 1 : 41.416.535 it’s got that great risk to reward ratio that we are always looking for here at winning lottery numbers. Now the draws take place Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. SuperLottoPlus Numbers will be posted after each draw.


Play SuperLottoPlus Online:

SuperLottoPlus NumbersLike with all of our lottery recommendations we would highly recommend that you play SuperLottoPlus online for many reasons.

Firstly of course is convenience you can play this or any other world wide lotto from the comfort of your own home.

Secondly you never have to be concerned about the many tickets and paperworks involved as everything is easy and online.

One thing that is worth mentioning is that all lottos played in the USA are subject to state taxes.  

When it comes to a recommendation as to where you might want to try SuperLottoPlus we would recommend TheLotter as they have a free line offer for all new customers which you can redeem for this or any other lottery of your choosing.

Essentially letting you try this one for free.

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