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UK National lottery is one of those controversial subjects here at winning lottery numbers as it is without doubt one of the most popular lotto’s particularly in its home country where it is estimated that 70 percent of the population have or do play on a regular basis. So whats good about it started way back in 1993 as the UK National lottery, it later became the UK Lotto in 2002. the organizers Camelot also sponsor EuroMillions. In its history the highest ever payout has been £29,000,000. but there has been a rollover limit installed since that time and the highest possible payout is now £20,000,000. This maxinum payout coupled with the odds for this lotto at 1 : 13.983.816 you need to decide whether your £2.50 per line entry fee is best spent here or possibly on another lotto with either better odds or a better cash prize so our advice watch the rollovers. UK draws take place Wednesdays at 22:30 GMT and Saturday at 20:30 GMT UK National Lottery Numbers will be available after each draw.

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UK National Lottery NumbersThe Uk National Lottery has a pretty straightforward system it is 6 main balls that the player chooses from a 1-49 range and then one bonus ball also from this range.

The bonus ball really only comes into play when deciding the lower tiers but it can still lead to a decent consolation prize.

As always we would still recommend that you try this lotto out with an online vendor if only for convenience in this case. Its worth looking at our how to play guide which will give you some inspiration and ideas on how to pick those winning numbers.

The last thing to mention would be where can you get a free play we would recommend TheLotter who have a fabulous first time offer for this and all of there other lotto’s so take a look there.

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